Examples of work

State of Matter: Tales of burning

“On the night of the 13th September 1922, fires were started in Paradise…”

I am currently touring ‘State of Matter’, a show about burning: kindled by a 17th century love-epic, fuelled by family stories, fanned by the wings of a fiery bird woman.

“It was beautiful – so connected, superbly crafted and delivered with effortless simplicity. You allow us to really dwell in the moment, to linger in the narrative and images of the story – I think this is a rare and lovely quality.” Nell Phoenix, Torriano Storynight.

Wild Ones of Sasoun
“In Armenia there’s a mountain.  Inside the mountain there’s a cavern.  And sitting, right now, inside the cavern, is a mighty man…a giant.”

A sound beneath the waves
A combination of Armenian wonder-tales and songs.

A one-hour performance of three mythical tales woven by lullabies, and the themes of listening, sacrifice and motherhood. Created thanks to a commission from Festival at the Edge.

“It blew me away – really amazing voice, and a great sense of tension and relief.” “The stories sparkle and reflect each other…a lovely quality of stillness and focus in her body and presence which is very strong and captivating.”

For families

The Animal gifts
A European wonder-tale for children.

“I love this story.  I’m going to write a book about it.”  Samuel, a 7 year old enthusiast.

Pomegranates and The Magic Bird
Exquisite Armenian wonder tales

Moon stories
Traveling the world on the back of a raven to hear stories of the moon.

Galileo stories and Leonardo stories
Created for the History of Science Museum in Oxford;

“I really like your work – I find it imaginative and moving, and that it can lead the listeners into profound questions without them noticing – off-guard, so to speak – so I think it works well for the Museum and adds to our range.” Dr. Jim Bennett, Director, History of Science Museum, Oxford